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3 950,00€
Weight 2,105 kg
Height 26,5 cm / 10,433 in (USA)
Width 23 cm / 9,055 in (USA)
A great G'au (box) Nepalese silver and copper dating from the 19th century with 8 Hindu and Buddhist representations (goddess Durga, sitting Buddhas in lotus position ...) beautiful work of gildings and silver filigree and decorated with mosaics of coral and turquoises ... on the bottom and sides of this exceptional piece, the representation of a Tibetan Dorje (or Vajra) which symbolizes strength and power and on the back a huge cross Vajra which means the incredible stability of the state of enlightenment and spirituallity! So large, these Ga'u have become temple objects much for collectors and people in search of spirituality ... the interior is covered with copper ...